Click here for Easy Quickicons Guide for Joomla 3.1.x

How to install

The Easy QuickIcons Installation script installs both component and module in one go. There is NO need to extract the zip file.

In your Joomla! administrator backend, go to Extensions - Extensions Manager. Locate the downloaded Easy QuickIcons zip file installer in your local computer. Then click upload and install button.

How to manage your custom quickicons

In your Joomla! administrator panel, go to Components - EasyQuickIcons menu. You will then be redirected to the Easy QuickIcons Manager. On that page you can add, edit, delete, order, publish, unpublish any custom quickicons.

How to order your custom quickicons

There are two ways to set the ordering of your custom quickicons. First is to click the 'Ordering' column found inside the Easy QuickIcons Manager, then set each quickicons order number.

Set the ordering number of each quickicons shortcuts

Another way is to Edit the quickicon and set its Ordering options in the edit page

How to add an external image link - PRO version

Add or edit an existing quickicon item and follow the steps shown in the screenshot.

Adding external image link

Adding external image link 2

How to display only the Easy Quickicons module in Control Panel

Go to Extensions->Module Manager. Select to display only the administrator modules. Find the "Quick Icons" module and unpublished it. Go back to Control Panel and you will only see your custom quickicons.

How to upgrade to PRO version

After purchasing and downloading the PRO version, you can directly install the Easy QuickIcons in your site by going to Extensions - Extension Manager in your Joomla admin panel. You DO NOT need to uninstall the free version. The installer will automatically upgrade it and your existing QuickIcons shortcuts will remain intact.

Click here for Easy Quickicons Guide for Joomla 3.1.x